Clenbuterol for weight loss quickly took the lead among male and female bodybuilders. Unlike endorphins, which are excreted in a few hours, this drug only peaks eight hours after ingestion. At the same time, the fat burning effect lasts quite a long time. In addition, the effect of the drug does not interfere with the body’s natural circulation. This is just part of the measure that is becoming more and more popular among bodybuilders.

What is the reason for using “Clenbuterol” for weight loss? This is a drug of the kind that still has few analogues. It allows you to accelerate muscle building while effectively burning fat. Of course, the increase in muscle mass is not too strong. But this does not prevent the fair sex.

No wonder it is so actively used in women’s gyms. In the United States, there was a time when it was impossible to imagine a gym without female players who regularly used this drug. And today it does not lose its popularity.

Main effects

Main effects

Let’s take a closer look at what gives the body a course of “clenbuterol” for weight loss. First, the athlete experiences a decrease in appetite. Now he does not eat because his stomach cheats on hunger. No, it predicts exactly when it will be eaten, its quality and quantity. It has the most positive effect on the overall weight loss process. But that’s not all. In addition, a slight increase in body temperature is achieved. It speeds up your metabolism. This in turn allows you to dehydrate muscle mass and burn fat cells.

Release format

According to the instructions for use of “Clenbuterol” for weight loss, the drug is available in several forms, but the most convenient are, of course, tablets. You can take them anywhere and take them on your own without help. The usual daily dose is 4 tablets for women and 6-8 for men. The basic course lasts two weeks. There are also syrups and injections. The choice of form should be left to your doctor or personal trainer.

Admission course Clenbuterol


Instructions for using “Clenbuterol” for weight loss indicate that a two-week course is optimal. During this time, you can make the necessary changes. The body connects to burn fat and increase muscle mass.

But most athletes do not stop there. I would like to warn you that the long-term effects of the drug on the body have not yet been studied. Studies have only been done on animals and have given disappointing results. The drug often causes muscle apoptosis, including the heart. Therefore, you need to be very careful when taking medication. Talk to your doctor before taking. And of course you have to be very careful with the dosage.